Waratah Brass

For over 135 years, we have been entertaining the local community and our members, most of whom are local residents, are proud to continue that tradition.   We currently have an A-Grade band (Waratah Brass) performing and competing at the top level of banding, and a D-Grade band (Waratah Brass Academy Band) fostering players of all ages and abilities.  We also have a new learner group for those just starting out.  Our musical directors are two wonderful musicians who are life members of our organization and we are dedicated to having a great time making great music.

If you're a child or an adult interested in learning a brass instrument or joining this fun group of musicians, we'd love to hear from you!

Brass Band

Waratah Brass & Waratah Brass Academy Band - June 2022


Contact Details:

Conductor: Steven Grice

Secretary Email: secretary@waratahbrass.com

Band Room: Maud St, Waratah

Website: waratahbrass.com