Kahibah Brass

The eccentric, eclectic, electronic, 'eargasmic', and visually spasmodic brass explosion that is Kahibah Brass brings a chaotic mix of old and new, known and unknown, twisted together and sent to you through cosmic beams of neuro experimentation. All served with a side of visual insanity, this is a show for the reminiscent, 'disco-iscent' time travelling revellers that like the night life and to boogie on down blurred lines laid out by Israelites so we can be Happy Together. So Tether My Pony, shake that Green Tambourine, Get Smart & come on out to the extraordinary extravaganza that is Kahibah Electro Pop Brass Experience.
If your up for something different why not give Kahibah a try and join our ragtag crew.

Brass Band



Contact Details:

Conductor: Colin Newham

Secretary Phone: 0423 564 932   kahibahbrass@gmail.com

Band Rehearsal: Newcastle High School. 160 Parkway Ave, Hamilton South. NSW 2303

Website: kahibahbrass.com